Business Meeting

Decades of Experience


In 2014, after a couple of decades of experience in the management of larger businesses - firstly working in Chartered Firms and then in Finance through to General Management, the founder of P2 Consulting, David Palamara, decided to offer this somewhat exclusive knowledge of success and value adding techniques to small and medium sized businesses.  The thought of these businesses having access to affordable knowledge and expertise to run their business with the efficiency and strength of a larger organisation was too exciting to pass up.

David has a substantial amount of experience in industry management where a lot of work was done to improve processes and procedures, introduce software, new services to capture changing requirements from a growing market segment, restructure departments, identify new opportunities and capitalise on them.  In a short amount of time, he is quickly able to gain the respect of all involved in championing the changes and achieving the agreed goals.

He has captured his methodical and all-encompassing ways and ability to bring out the solutions from those he mentors and coaches.  The team at P2 share the same philosophies and work tirelessly towards the same goals.  This system has made P2 Consulting the organisation of choice for business owners or managers for the guidance to navigate their business or department to ultimate success.