Making your business Valuable, Profitable and Stress Free

Your business needs to be more than just profitable.  Valuable and Stress free are the other two key factors.  A valuable business is a smooth-running business.  One where everyone knows what to do and does it!  Everyone is accountable.  And it's this environment that is stress free!

P2 specialises in three key areas.  Firstly, developing business value.  So, all businesses have a value.  To be at the top end of this value, every box needs to be ticked.  We review the whole business and start with the low hanging fruit all the way to the top of the tree!  You would be surprised with the benefit some simple improvements will make.

Secondly, we develop the business profitability.  The more profitable the business is, the more it is worth.  Working closely with business owners, we review customers, suppliers, margins, staff, cash flows, profit and loss statements, balance sheets; everything, and work out strategies to maximise profit.  Once these strategies are agreed upon with the business owners and key stake holders, we coach them through those strategies to ensure everything stays on track.


Thirdly, we guide the business owners through strategies to take the stress of business ownership away.  The goal is to assign accountability to those around you lessening the burden.  So instead of doing everything, others are helping you achieve your goal – us included!  By having people accountable, your life becomes a whole lot easier.  And isn’t that one of the reasons  you got into business in the first place? 

Since 2014, clients have turned to us to provide tailored solutions to achieve these goals!

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